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VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex 黑色风暴瘦身胶囊

VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex 黑色风暴瘦身胶囊

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The world has changed since the first debut of the new VIP formula, enriched with revolutionary nanoparticles and the advance patented Cyantho™ technique and Litrava™ technology. Being the first all blue-purple weight loss, it has a special phytochemical essence that contains anthocyanin, a significant potency that eliminates fat cell from the body. This miracle compound burns, breaks, isolates and flushes fat out of the body with an extra feature to curb your appetite and reduces further fat absorption in your body.


This legendary, 100% pure plant based weight loss supplement is rich in Manganese, a compound that plays an important role in converting fats into energy and its diuretic properties help the body flush out excess water and diluted fats out of the body without the depletion of electrolytes.


Packed with the slimming-superfood, the Mangosteen extract that is derived using the Cyantho™ technique, which brings fat burning to the next level by burning fats sonic fast and effective. Proven to be able to burn, break, isolate and flush fats out of the body, Mangosteen is rich in Phyto C, such as alpha-pinene, cadinene, limonene, myrcene, borneol, caryophyllene and germacrene that is extremely good for weight loss.

VIP是多種靛紫色素材研製而成的。過程中不乏採用獨特的萃取技術 - Cyantho™,從“果后”中提取山竹肽。經臨床實驗證實,山竹肽能夠促進身體燃燒脂肪,必定能縮短那漫長的瘦身旅程。山竹裏的Phyto C富含α-蒎烯、卡丁、苧烯、月桂烯、冰片、丁香烯和大根香葉烯營養素。其燃燒、分解、隔離與清除脂肪的完美搭配將賦予身體一個嶄新的容貌。


- Increases fat burning 提升脂肪燃燒
- Promotes fat oxidation 促進脂肪氧化
- Enhances metabolic rate 增強新陳代謝
- Reduces water retention 減少水腫症狀
- Suppresses hunger 抑制食慾
- Energy booster 增加體力
- Improves overall mood 改善情緒
- Body detoxification 幫助排毒
- Improves skin texture 改善膚質

1) Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) 山竹
2) Blueberry seed (Vaccinium Corymbosum) 藍莓種子
3) Burgundy Bean (Macroptilium Brateatum) 勃艮第豆
4) Purple Carrot (Daucus Carota) 紫蘿蔔
5) Purple Bell Capsicum (Capsicum Annuum) 紫柿子椒

1) Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) 山竹
- Burn, Break, Flush fats 燃燒、分解、清除脂肪
- Rich in Anthocyanin 富含花青素
- Curbs appetite 抑制食慾
- Burns belly fats 針對性燃燒脂肪

2) Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) 藍莓種子
- Promotes Cardiovascular and Digestive Wellness 促進心血管與消化系統
- Increases fat burning 增加脂肪燃燒度
- Reduces water retention 減少水腫症狀
- Improves skin texture 改善皮膚質感

3) Burgundy Bean (Macroptilium Brateatum) 勃艮第豆
- Rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin B & Potassium 富含膳食纖維、維生素B和鉀
- Boosts Energy & Alertness 提升體能與精神
- Promotes fat oxidation 促進脂肪氧化
- Body detoxification 幫助排毒

4) Purple Carrot (Daucus Carota) 紫蘿蔔
- Slow down carbohydrate absorption 緩慢碳水化合物的吸收
- Contains polyunsaturated fats 富含多不飽和脂肪
- Contains serotonin to improve mood 富含血清素以幫助情緒

5) Purple Capcicium (Capsicum A.) 紫柿子椒
- Metabolism stimulation 增進與刺激新陳代謝
- Burn fats 燃燒脂肪
- Reduces water retention 減少水腫症狀



【规格】 - 60粒。
【主要成分】 - 请参考上图。
【产品好处】 -
- Increases fat burning 提升脂肪燃燒
- Promotes fat oxidation 促進脂肪氧化
- Enhances metabolic rate 增強新陳代謝
- Reduces water retention 減少水腫症狀
- Suppresses hunger 抑制食慾
- Energy booster 增加體力
- Improves overall mood 改善情緒
- Body detoxification 幫助排毒
- Improves skin texture 改善膚質
【禁用人群】 -
【服用方式】 - 每日2次,每次1粒,早餐前和晚餐前配开水吞食。
*服用期间, 请保持正常饮水量,以免出现口干、上火现象.。要保持时不时的喝水。



Main Ingredients: Refer to the chart above.
Content: 60 capsules 
Suitable for people:
1. Pure obesity and adolescence obesity;
2. Postpartum obesity, more fat accumulated on belly, waist and legs;
3. People need to clean toxin and fast burn body fat;
4. People need to stop or reduce absorbing fat from food.
Unsuitable for people: Pregnant women, lactating women, diabetic, or anyone who has terminal illness are not recommended to consume this product.
1st 3 days consume 1 capsule with warm water 30 minutes before breakfast, after that consume 1 capsule with warm water 30 minutes  before breakfast and 1 capsule  with warm water 30 minutes  before dinner.

Caution: Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect as a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating. This product contains as much caffeine as about one cup of coffee. Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and, occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 and over the age of 65.
Storage: Sets at place which is cool dry and the child cannot contact.


 FAQ 常问问题


Q. What is VIP? 什麼是VIP?
A. VIP first debut in the beginning of 2015 as the first purple natural ultimate new slimming supplement that helps burn, break, isolate & flush fats out of the body. 在2015年專家研究了一個採用全靛紫色全天然成分以達到終極瘦身效果。它能夠幫助身體燃燒,分解,隔離與排除脂肪。


Q. Will I gain weight once I stop taking VIP? 在停止服用VIP過後是否會有反彈效果?
A. No, VIP do not have rebound effect, however, your weight will change base on your daily diet. VIP不會有任何反彈效果。但是體重還是會根據您平時的飲食習慣而出現變化。

Q. How long can I take VIP? VIP可以服用多久?
A. Experts recommend taking it as long as you feel like you have weight to lose. VIP can be taken for long term. VIP絕對安全,專家建議只要您需要控制體重都可以持續服用VIP。

Q. When will I notice changes? 服用多久后会看到明显效果?
A. According to our clinical studies, you will notice immediate changes after around 7 days and significant results in 21 days. 根據專家臨床驗證,您會在七天內看到效果,在21天內看到更顯著的全體瘦身效果。

Q. Are there any side effects? 服用VIP會有副作用嗎?
A. No, VIP is made of 100% natural plant based ingredients. VIP所採用的是100%天然植物成分,絕對适合长期服用。

Q. Who should not take this product? 誰不適合服用VIP?
A. Pregnant women, lactating women, diabetic, or anyone who has terminal illness are not recommended to consume this product. 我們不建議孕婦、哺乳媽媽、糖尿病者或任何有嚴重疾病人士服用此產品。

Q. I take a few medications. Can I still take VIP? 我剛好也在服用別的藥品,我可以同時服用VIP嗎?
A. Yes, VIP is 100% natural, however, we will recommend not taking it in conjunction with medication as it might conflict with the effectiveness of your medication. 雖然VIP是100%天然成分製成的瘦身輔助品,但為了避免藥物相衝,我們會建議先詢問醫療專家的意見。

Q. Do I have to change my diet or exercise routine? 我需要改变饮食习惯与运动吗?
A. With regular consumption of VIP, you will be able to lose weight without exercising or controlling your diet, however, with proper diet and exercising, you will lose weight even quicker and effectively. 只要固定服用VIP,即使您沒有足夠的運動量情況下,或者在正常飲食的情況下也能看到顯著的瘦身效果。但如果能配合運動與健康飲食,瘦身效果會更加快速。

Q. Is VIP suitable for vegetarians and vegans? VIP適合素食者嗎?
A. Yes, VIP is made of 100% plant based ingredients including our vegetative capsules. 是的,VIP是100%植物成分,包括膠囊也是植物製成。





见证说生了孩子之后,一直都很难瘦下来,每次看到美美的衣服也穿不下, 可是这次没想到竟然可以在22天里面瘦了8.4kg。。 现在开始找以前不能穿的衣裤来穿。。太开心了。。。。




见证说:对于美食我的抗拒能力真的很低,自从我服用VIP后,我的瘦身计划就进行的更加顺利,因为VIP控制食欲的功效真的太棒了,就算月经时没有服用,我也不会大吃大喝,所以我的胃口越来越小了。真的大爱VIP [害羞][害羞]





见证感言: 2个星期的效果, 体重没有在下很多了,只有5kg, 但是裤子衣服明显松了,尤其是屁股,很明显小了好多!
肚腩游泳圈还是有在,但小了好多, 因为老婆说 男人三十,不顾,哪肚腩就跟着他一世了!




见证感言:减肥真的很难,不是1天2天就可以的事,直到我遇上了VIP,它让我找回了自己,11天里面,体重57的我终于下到50了!以前S size的紧身衣,裤子都可以再拿回出来穿了妹妹问我吃了什么,她的裤子,我都能穿了✌✌





见证感言: 自从我生了我第3个孩子后, 由于忙于照顾孩子和家里。还要兼顾自己的生意而导致没有时间运动。再加上3餐都不定时, 很多时候还是过了晚上10点才吃晚餐。所以这几年来我的体重不断的上升。于是我就尝试了很多瘦身产品,无论是内服或外敷都有。不过, 出来的效果却不是很满意。直到最近我发现许多人在服用了VIP后都瘦了下来。我就抱着试吃的心态, 但没有想到我服用了VIP短短的两个星期内我真的瘦了6kg, 肚腩很明显小了。那种喜悦真的无法形容! 而且我发觉服用了VIP后, 胃口明显变小了。真的要谢谢VIP让我轻轻松松地就瘦了下来! 虽然还未达到我要的理想体重, 但有VIP这美梦成真的一天就离我不远啦!





见证感言:Vip真的让我有很意外的收获…从我出来社会工作就没试过有8字头的重量…早上11点吃了vip我可以到下午4点才觉得饿… 饱感一流! 太棒了VIP! 这个是1罐的效果! 没错! 1罐的效果!




2个月内让我瘦了13KG 此時此刻變年輕了原本看起来40岁的女人转变20岁的美眉,简直是天堂和地狱之分
儿子的朋友叫我“姐姐” 真的太开心了(我终于抛开Auntie的称呼了)
女人不要傻傻听男人说你肥到可爱我一样爱你,自己知道肥胖有多难受 男人常说为了家付出多少,多辛苦; 难道女人没付出吗?女人结婚,怀孕,生子,青春付出代价太多了生孩子要经过鬼门关➕身材走样,还必须疯三年!为了母乳宝宝却放弃瘦身机会肥了,没样子,没身材让男人有借口找小三!搞到无休止的争吵,不耐烦,没有了男人,剩下全身肥肉





见证感言: 一直以来,我都是高高瘦瘦的,身高178cm的我,体重都维持在58kg左右。去年跑去了纽西兰回来后,才惊觉自己胖了很多,足足14kg,从来都没有如此胖过,朋友都以为我怀孕了,这种感觉真的很难受。以前让人羡慕的平坦小腹不见了,镜子里看到的自己肚腩大,腿很粗,体重上升到72kg,很恐怖的数字以前曾经参加选美比赛的我,自信心完全被身上的肥肉脂肪击溃,原来肥胖真的很恐怖!!






见证感言: 她说,我一罐都还没有吃完呢, 瘦了6kg! 整个人看了是小了一圈呢!
祛掉肉肉的婴儿肥,当个骨感美女吧! 不到一罐VIP的效果! 没错,效果就是那么多棒!



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